1 Day Rental
2 Day Rental
€60 per day
3 & 4 Days
€37 per day
5 Days +
€37 per day + 5% Discount

Perfect small car to get you around the Island, small and nimble. 

Specifications & Features

Comprehensive + Third Party Insurance Included
CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) Included
No deposit for Insurance / Excess
All Taxes & Insurances Included
Free Delivery and Collection (T's & C's)
Driver: Free Second Driver
Fuel Policy: Full to Full
Comfort: Air Con
Power Steering

Insurance, Taxes & Coverages

Full Comprehensive Insurance, Taxes & Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is already included in the daily the rate and in case of an accident the hirer’s liability shall be limited to:

  • Economy Cars
    • €1000 maximum liability (No Deposits Required)
      • Extra insurance and coverages are available:
        • This can be reduced to:
          • Extra Cover €500 @ €8 per day
          • Super Extra Cover €200 @ €12 per day
  • Our clients are also covered as follows: (Included in our daily rates)
    • Third Party death or bodily injury: UNLIMITED
    • Third Party Property Damage: SCR 15 000 000.00 / €950 000.0
    • Passenger Risk Liability including immediate family member: UNLIMITED
    • Funeral Expenses in the event of a road traffic accident resulting in death to the insured and/or any Third-Party Person for a limit of SCR 25 000.00 / €1 500.00
    • Medical Expenses for injury sustained in one accident per person: Limit SCR7 500 / €450
    • Theft Protection is available @ €10.00 once off fee
      • In case of complete loss/theft of car guests will only be liable for the maximum excess amount chosen on the contract (€1500 or €900 or €500). Without the Theft Protection plan guests will be liable to the value of €4500.00
    • Tyre and Glass Protection @ €5.00 per day
      • In case of any windscreen chip or breakage and guests have the Tyre and Glass protection plan no further charges will apply. Guests will not be held responsible. Cost of any glass to car starts from €350.00 without the Protection plan. NO PARKING UNDER COCONUT TREES! DON’T LEAVE ANY PERSONAL GOODS / BELONGINGS BEHIND IN CAR!
    • Roadside Assistance @ €10.00 once off fee
      • We offer 24/7 Roadside assistance to all our guests. Without the roadside assistance plan there will be a base call out fee of €20 + €2.50 per kilometer travelled to and back from breakdown.

Free Delivery and Collection

We deliver & collect cars for free anywhere on Praslin Island

Unlimited Mileage

Guests has the freedom to explore every corner of the Island. No limitation in mileage.

Refueling Policy (We offer a SCR25 Fuel Discount Coupon upon day of rental)

With limited fuel stations on the Island we an option where guests can pre-purchase a full tank of fuel and would never have to refuel the car upon dropping off / returning the car. This option is normally advisable for guests who do not wish to worry about fuel during their holiday and to be sure that enough fuel is present in the car upon delivery. We also offer guests fuel upon rental but can vary from being full or fuel needs to be returned the same as it was delivered.

Full Tank Fuel Pre-Purchase Price @ SCR 800.00 = €50.00 In case of guests returning cars with excess fuel left in the tank the following refunds will be effective:

Pre-Purchase Full Tank Fuel Policy

Refund of €10 will be issued

Refund of €20 will be issued

No Refund will apply to the following Gauge Display

Cancellation Policy

Guests will be charged cancellation charges as follows:

  • Cancellation up until 36 hours before arrival 30% of total rental balance
  • Cancellation up until 12 hours before arrival 50% of total rental balance
  • NO SHOW – Full Cancellation
  • Cancellation can be made as follows:

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